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Legacy of storing data on floppy disk


In this rapidly digitizing world, legacy systems can become a bottleneck for your organization’s growth. The issue is because these systems are outdated, require a massive budget for maintenance, and most importantly, aren’t competent enough with modern solutions. …

MERN Stack for Project

This article will discuss the usage of react.js, node.js, and MongoDB in a project. These three technologies are the components of MERN architecture. MERN architecture is a 3-tier framework to develop applications using JavaScript and JSON.

What is the MERN Stack?

MERN is the acronym used for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. …

Teamwork makes the dream work


To create a successful business, you need to focus on your core tasks. Peripheral activities should be outsourced as it saves you both time and money. Once you decide to outsource some of your business tasks, you are faced with the most difficult question — Should I hire an agency…


Due to their small size, portability and speed, containers are slowly becoming the standard format for deploying applications. Essentially, containers are executable units of software that contain the application code along with its dependencies and configurations.

Well, containers are not all sunshine and rainbows. Clustering, networking, and deployment automation of…


In 2020 alone, around 32% of e-commerce purchases were made using mobile devices, according to a Business Insider report. Considering this mobile-first commerce trend, mobile applications are more important than ever for businesses of all sizes.

Talking about costs, the mobile application development cost is somewhere around $20,000 — $500,000…

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You might be tired of reading on this topic hundredth times. But, It is important to understand the value of good code. When a developer writes clean code, it produces gorgeous software or an app that works great and is easy to maintain. …


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